“Martina consulted for us in the network performance monitoring space, specifically business development for our OTT video performance monitoring technology. Martina was a pleasure to work with and always had a great attitude and a willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. She was great at identifying new contacts and maintaining existing contacts.” – Ken Stanwood, CTO at WiLAN

“I worked with Martina as we built the sales operations processes for FLO TV. Martina defined the requirements and built the foundation for two key operations tools: 1. sales forecasting for a product and retail category that had never existed, and 2. the CRM system used within the sales organization. Martina shows a lot of enthusiasm at work, and is the one energizing the team to get things pushed over the finish line. She is a strong analyst and a thoughtful and proactive communicator.” – Trish Kapos,VP Marketing & Strategic Relationships at MicroCorp.

“Martina was exactly the kind of person you want to work with. She is incredibly hard working, goal orientated and endlessly resourceful. She has the unique ability of being a visionary as well as being detail orientated. Martina leads by example, is eager to provide feedback to other and readily accepts it in return. She is professional and very approachable. She sets the bar high, but constantly delivers. She is a team player but also always the person to accept ownership and responsibility. She inspires all around her and is incredibly likeable. I would jump at a chance to work with Martina and would readily and highly recommend her.” Andrea Hogan, Sr. Marketing Director at Qualcomm

“I worked closely with Martina while consulting at Qualcomm’s FLO TV unit. Her ability to quickly assimilate information, her curiosity on how to best serve the needs of her internal customers and her keen market insights were invaluable as we worked through significant strategic planning and resource investment projects. The product she produced was simple to understand and easily incorporated into broader work intended for very diverse audiences. Beyond that she was a pleasure to work with and someone I heartily recommend.” – Geoff Fishman, Director at Portway Technologies Ltd.

“Martina is a highly motivated, organized, and exceptionally bright analyst that was somehow always able to keep us all on the same page no matter how many curveballs were thrown at her or our team. While many in a position like hers tend to fall into the habit of pointing out what can’t be done, Martina always focused on what COULD be done with the resources at hand and made sure that changes were incorporated smoothly and efficiently. I found her work to be exceptionally reliable, her attitude to be positive (no matter what), and perhaps most of all I found her to be an absolute joy to work with. Martina belongs on an all-star team to match her abilities, and I highly recommend her to any organization with similar high-level talent. She is truly a “franchise” level player.” Jeff Burrow, Sales & Marketing Executive