I am 4th generation sales leader in the Montalva family, and the true story is I never wished to be in sales.  I grew up loving science and problem solving. I went to Engineering school with the big dream in mind, contributing to projected massive growth in Venezuela’s oil industry . And so did I. No one in the family had had graduated from a university program before, they were all very successful salesmen – why would they?

As a young graduate, I loved designing engineering equipments, managing projects, and supervising construction, but above all I found tremendous joy in connecting and building relationships. I was fascinated with how engineers worked together to accomplish goals, and decided to learn about management through a MBA program. I came to the US to learn new skills, language, and culture, one of the most challenging and gratifying experiences I have ever had. Before I realized it, I ended up doing what I have always loved the most, connecting, communicating, and serving, this time through new wireless technologies. Yes, I went into sales just as my father, grandfather, and great grandfather did. You might said it is full circle, I believe it is.

Over the last 10 years, I have been driving sales for large and small companies offering new solution such as quality of experience system for streaming video, beacon/proximity  platforms, mobile marketing apps, wearable’s and IOT. Prior experience included managing accounts for wireless network deployments (Verizon Wireless , AT&T, Qualcomm), distribution channels (Best Buy, RadioShack, Amazon), marketing agencies, sales forecast, business strategy and budgets.

I live in San Diego, CA with my husband and two children, Luis the 4th and Martina the 3rd.  We enjoy nature trips to beach, parks, and mountains. When indoors, we love cooking, dining, and dancing!